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How to play sudoku online on our website

The game is about filling in the board in such a way that in each row and in each column and in each nine-field square 3×3 box there are digits from 1 to 9, but these digits must not be repeated in any row, column and nine-field square. Unlike other games and puzzles, sudoku does not require only mathematical calculations from the player, but logical thinking. Patience and logical thinking are required to solve the board. When filling in the board you should enter only numbers whose places you are sure of, because one mistake causes an unsolvable game. To make it easier for you to write down your suspicions with small numbers in the corners of the fields. In a separate section we discussed methods how to solved puzzle sudoku.

A sudoku game to print

If you can’t put together our favorite puzzle, nothing is lost. On our website there is a sudoku option for printing, thanks to which you can print the board and then solve it on the train. It is also a good idea to print the board and arrange it together with the children. Thanks to that both you and your child will have a great time and at the same time develop.

Our sudoku guide

The history of sudoku puzzle

The sudoku puzzle, before it appeared in its current form, underwent many changes and transformations. The current version did not appear until 1986 in Japan. However, it has gained fame and popularity in recent years. Over time, the game has been diversified and the rules of the game have changed slightly. More and more fields and combinations were added. However, the classic sudoku is the most popular.

Interesting facts about sudoku

  • In 2005 the outstanding mathematicians Bertram Felgenhauer of the Technical University of Dresden and Frazer Jarvis of the University of Sheffield proved that there are 6,670,903,703,752,021,072,972,936,960 different correct sudoku boards.
  • The first world champion in sudoku was Jana Tylová from the Czech Republic in the Italian town of Lucca in 2006.
  • Sudoku was first published in the press in The New York Times on 12 December 2004.
  • Sudoku in Japanese means “digits must be single”.

Questions and answers

What is sudoku?

This is a brain game which consists in entering numbers in appropriate places. The puzzle board consists of nine squares, each of which has a further 9 squares. In our opinion, it is necessary to enter numbers from one to nine, so that in a given square and line none of the digits will be repeated.

Is sudoku good for brain?

Yeah, sudoku puzzles are forcing our brains to make an effort. It’s a great way to stimulate our gray cells.

What are rules of Sudoku?

Sudoku rules are simple. All the rules and strategies are discussed in a separate section, which you can find in the menu of our website.

How do you play easy Sudoku puzzles?

Take a look at our guide. You will find there a detailed description of how to stack easy sudoku.

Does Sudoku make you smarter?

Yes! With this game you will practice memory, improve concentration and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

At what difficulty levels can you play on our website?

Our web sudoku you can arrange game on three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. Also, both beginners and advanced players will find something for themselves.

What is the difference between a classic sudoku and a sudoku samurai?

The Sudoku Samurai is the version for experienced players. The average sudoku samurai board is 5 combined classic sudoku boards with each other.